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Fostair (beclometasone/formoterol): key messages

Commissioned by Chiesi Ltd

This promotional resource has been commissioned and developed by Chiesi Limited. Information intended for UK healthcare professionals only.


Working party guideline/algorithm

Identifying and managing allergic rhinitis in the asthma population

By Development Group—Scadding Holmes Ryan and Williams

Information is intended for healthcare professionals

An inhaler in WPG Yellow

Working party guideline/algorithm

Inhaler choice guideline

By Development group—Usmani Capstick Saleem Scullion

Information is intended for healthcare professionals only.

Guidance update - Asthma and Sirdupla


Asthma guidance update

Commissioned by Mylan

This Guidelines supplement has been commissioned and funded by Mylan and developed in partnership with Guidelines. The content on page 3 was commissioned by Mylan and Mylan has carried out full medical review and approval to ensure compliance. See page 2 for full disclaimer.