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COVID-19 guidance


Key COVID-19 guidance


The Guidelines team has produced the following directory of COVID-19 information and guidance for primary care. Included on this page is a collection of key guidance and advice from PHE and the NHS, as well as a list of information for specific groups from a range of professional bodies.

Guidelines summaries are designed to be concise and practical, and are developed in conjunction with the original guideline development group

  • contraceptive pills

    PCWHF HRT provision during COVID-19 guidance


    This summary is intended to aid primary healthcare practitioners in initiating, reviewing, and prescribing hormone replacement therapy for women during COVID-19.

  • pregnant woman with doctor

    NICE antenatal care guideline


    A brief summary of NICE guidance on routine care for the healthy pregnant woman. Includes information, lifestyle advice, and foetal and maternal screening.

  • man holding chest

    NICE angina guideline


    A brief summary of NICE's clinical guideline on the management of stable angina. Includes care pathway algorithm, counselling, and secondary prevention.

  • breast cancer

    NICE breast cancer guideline


    An easy-to-read NICE guidance summary on the classification and care of people at risk of familial breast cancer or with a family history of breast cancer.

  • Vaccination 2 960x640

    PHE influenza immunisation guideline


    This Guidelines summary covers key points for administering influenza immunisation, and who should receive it.

  • AdobeStock_340703775

    PHE guideline on management of exposure to COVID-19


    This summary provides guidance on the management of staff and patients in health and social care settings according to exposures, symptoms, and test results.

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Educational resources

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    Supplements are written by experts and typically discuss a piece of national guidance, pulling out key learning points for GPs.

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    Short 3–5 minute videos that may introduce a recently published guideline, discuss the implementation of a guideline in general practice, or highlight key recommendations for GPs or GP commissioners

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    Webinars provide a 1-hour update from expert speakers on the latest evidence and guidance. Available live and on-demand.