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Key COVID-19 guidance for primary care


The Guidelines team has produced the following directory of COVID-19 information and guidance for primary care. Included on this page is a collection of key guidance and advice from PHE and the NHS, as well as a list of information for specific groups from a range of professional bodies.

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Guidelines summaries are designed to be concise and practical, and are developed in conjunction with the original guideline development group

  • AdobeStock_331083828

    COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing COVID-19 symptoms in the community


    The purpose of this guideline is to provide recommendations for managing COVID‑19 symptoms for patients in the community, including at the end of life. It also includes recommendations about managing medicines for these patients, and protecting staff from infection

  • AdobeStock_212304005

    NICE CKS—otitis externa for GPs


    A summary covering diagnosis, management, and topical treatments for inflammation of the external ear canal for use by GPs

  • Hands with rheumatoid arthritis_AS

    NICE rheumatoid arthritis guideline


    This updated summary of the NICE rheumatoid arthritis guideline includes recommendations on referral, diagnosis, and investigations

  • AdobeStock_301114385

    COVID-19 rapid guideline: cystic fibrosis


    The purpose of this Guidelines summary is to maximise the safety of patients with cystic fibrosis and make the best use of NHS resources, while protecting staff from infection. It will also enable services to match capacity to patient needs if services become limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • consultation

    BASHH vulvovaginal candidiasis guideline


    Recommendations on the diagnostic tests, treatment regimens, and health promotion principles for the effective management of vulvovaginal candidiasis 

  • AdobeStock_284827776

    AWMSG asthma guideline

    2020-10-08T15:42:00+01:00By All Wales Medicines Strategy Group

    Core principles of asthma management, inhaler selection and use, and referral guidance, from the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group

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The latest news on guidance, commissioning, and primary care

multiple sclerosis

NICE drafts guidance recommending siponimod to treat secondary progressive multiple sclerosis


NICE has issued draft guidance that now recommends siponimod for treating secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

sexual health

New guidance on sexual and reproductive healthcare released during second COVID-19 wave


The FSRH has released new guidance on SRH service provision during the second COVID-19 wave and beyond


GPs issued with guidance to access extra flu vaccines this winter


Practices will be able to place orders for extra flu vaccines as part of an extend vaccination programme during the coming flu season