Mental health

mental health

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NICE PTSD guideline


This summary of the NICE PTSD guideline covers assessment and coordination of care, access to care, principles of care, and disaster planning

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NICE ADHD guideline


The updated summary covers key points on identification and treatment of ADHD, management, supporting families and carers, and appropriate medication.

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NICE guideline: diagnosis of autism in young people


A clear and concise summary of the NICE guideline on the recognition, diagnosis, and referral of children and young people on the autism spectrum.

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PHE dementia guideline


This summary covers risk factors for developing dementia in later life and what steps can be taken to lower a person’s risk of having this condition.

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NICE guideline: mental health in people with learning disabilities


A useful summary of NICE's guidance on the management of mental health problems in people with learning disabilities.

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