Liver disease

liver disease

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BSG liver blood tests guideline


This summary covers the key points for GPs to consider when interpreting results from liver blood tests and how to respond to detected abnormalities.

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NICE non-alcoholic fatty liver disease guideline


A summary of NICE guidance on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Includes identification, lifestyle advice, and pharmacological treatment.


NICE cirrhosis guideline


A useful and concise summary on the assessment and management of cirrhosis. Recommendations cover diagnosis, monitoring, and managing complications.

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NICE alcohol-use disorders guideline


A concise summary of the NICE guideline on diagnosis, assessment, and management of alcohol-use disorders in adults, young people, and children.

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CLDF liver disease in infants guideline


A summary of the Children's Liver Disease Foundation's guidance on the early identification, investigation and referral of liver diseases in infants.

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Rifaximin for hepatic encephalopathy

Video: Rifaximin-α for hepatic encephalopathy1—Impact on NHS resources and the IMPRESS study

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