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NHS hepatitis C antibody testing guidance for community pharmacy

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Summarised information on offering HCV antibody testing in community pharmacy


COVID-19 rapid guideline on gastrointestinal and liver conditions affecting immune response


A summary of guidance intended to maximise the safety of children and adults with gastrointestinal or liver conditions treated with drugs affecting the immune response during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Early identification and referral of liver disease in infants


This Guidelines summary is based on guidance included within the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation Yellow Alert Pack, written to provide general guidelines on the early identification of liver disease in infants and their referral where appropriate. 

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CLDF guideline: Yellow Alert stool chart


A summary of the CLDF's Yellow Alert stool chart—for tracking the colour of newborn babies' stools and being alert to warning signs of prolonged jaundice.

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BSG liver blood tests guideline


This summary covers the key points for GPs to consider when interpreting results from liver blood tests and how to respond to detected abnormalities.

Educational resources

Final version - HE algorithm

Management of hepatic encephalopathy in primary care

Commissioned by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited

This management algorithm has been commissioned and funded by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited and developed in partnership with Guidelines. Information intended for UK healthcare professionals only.
View TARGAXAN® (rifaximin-α) prescribing and adverse event reporting information
UK-HEP-XIF-2100040  October 2021