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    NICE guideline

    NICE anaphylaxis guideline


    A summary of NICE guidance on assessment to confirm an anaphylactic episode, and a decision-making care pathway for referral after emergency treatment

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    NICE guideline

    NICE CKS—cow’s milk allergy in children


    What is it? Food allergy describes an adverse immune-mediated response, which occurs when a person is exposed to specific food allergen(s), usually by ingestion and more rarely by inhalation or skin contact Cow’s milk allergy is a reproducible immune-mediated allergic response to one or ...

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    NICE guideline

    NICE CKS allergic rhinitis


    This summary has been developed for use by community pharmacists under our Guidelines for Pharmacy title and therefore only covers the information relevant to this setting. Please refer to the full guideline for the complete set of recommendations. What is it? Allergic rhinitis ...

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    NICE guideline

    NICE food allergy guideline


    A clear and concise NICE guideline summary on the diagnosis and management of IgE-mediated and non-IgE-mediated food allergy in children and young people.

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    Independent professional body guideline

    BSACI nut allergy guideline


    A concise summary of recommendations for the diagnosis and management of tree nut and peanut allergies, including recommendations for schools

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    Independent professional body guideline

    BSACI rhinitis guideline


    The 2017 update of the BSACI guidance on diagnosis and management of rhinitis. Includes a useful treatment algorithm and indications for ENT referral

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    NICE guideline

    NICE drug allergy guideline


    A summary of NICE's guideline on the assessment, documentation, and management of drug allergy. Also includes counselling and indications for referral