NICE’s new strategy to 2026 sets out the institute’s ambitious vision for the future

Global strategy

NICE has published its new 5-year strategy, entitled: NICE strategy 2021 to 2026: dynamic, collaborative, excellent.

The 5-year plan sets out a pathway for the institute to anticipate, recognise, and respond to future healthcare changes and challenges.

Four key pillars are central to the strategy, which underpin where NICE will focus its efforts over the next 5 years:

  1. rapid, robust, and responsive technology evaluation
  2. dynamic living guideline recommendations
  3. effective guidance uptake to maximise its impact
  4. leadership in data, research, and science. 

The institute says it will be at the forefront of anticipating and rapidly evaluating new and existing technologies to provide independent, world-leading assessments of value  and improved access for patients.

It also aims to provide dynamic living guideline recommendations that are useful, useable, and rapidly updated, incorporating the latest evidence and newly recommended technologies to maximise uptake and access for patients.

NICE hopes to drive the implementation of its guidance over the next 5 years by forming key strategic partnerships to make sure it’s used, and making sure it delivers improvements and contributes to reducing inequalities, with measures to routinely track adoption.

Furthermore, NICE says it aims to become a scientific leader, driving the research agenda and developing innovative and data-driven methods, and using real-world data to resolve issues of uncertainty and improve access to new innovations for patients.

Guideline users

NICE says that guideline users—including health and care providers, practitioners, and commissioners—will see guideline recommendations that use up-to-date evidence and data, rapidly incorporating information on the relative effectiveness of new technologies, medicines, and interventions.

A focus on topic areas that represent key priorities and where NICE is best placed to use its skills to add value will be a priority, while a guideline methodology that is quicker, more flexible, and answers the most important questions, will be adopted.

Learn more about NICE’s 5-year strategy here