The new resource summarises and signposts to information about interactions with the COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccine vials

The Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) has published a new resource that includes detail on COVID-19 vaccines and interactions with other vaccines and medications. It draws information from Public Health England guidance on COVID-19 vaccination programme: information for healthcare practitioners, and COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a.

The resource contains information on the following topics:

  • the vaccines and other medication
  • the vaccine and other vaccines
  • the vaccine and COVID-19 treatments
  • the vaccine ‘in-syringe’ with other products.

Co-administration of vaccines

The document contains advice for vaccinations in patients who recently received another non-COVID-19 vaccine. It states that COVID-19 vaccines are considered inactivated, so eligible individuals should still be given the COVID-19 vaccine even if they have recently received another inactivated or live vaccine.

This also applies for most other live and inactivated vaccines where COVID-19 vaccination has been received first or where a patient presents requiring two vaccines—an exception is the live attenuated shingles vaccines, for which a 7-day interval should ideally be observed.

The SPS highlights that studies are ongoing to support co-administration of COVID-19 vaccines with the 2021–2022 flu vaccination programme.