Independent professional body guideline

Self Care Forum heartburn and indigestion fact sheet


A summary of recommendations for advising patients and the public on managing heartburn and indigestion

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NICE guideline

NICE CKS on diarrhoea in adults


A summary of NICE guidance on assessing and treating diarrhoea in adults, with recommendations on assessment, dehydration, and referral


NICE guideline

COVID-19 rapid guideline on gastrointestinal and liver conditions affecting immune response


A summary of guidance intended to maximise the safety of children and adults with gastrointestinal or liver conditions treated with drugs affecting the immune response during the COVID-19 pandemic

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NICE guideline

NICE CKS on constipation


Areas covered in the summary include: advice for those with the condition, management (short-duration and chronic), secondary causes of the condition, and prescribing information


NICE guideline

NICE GORD in children guideline


A useful NICE guideline summary on the recognition, diagnosis, and management of GORD in children and young people.


NICE guideline

NICE GORD guideline


A brief NICE guidance summary on the investigation and management of dyspepsia and GORD including H pylori testing and eradication, and endoscopy referral.

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NICE guideline

NICE diarrhoea and vomiting in children guideline


Covering diagnosis, dehydration and shock, fluid and nutrition management, antibiotics, care escalation, and advice for caregivers

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NICE guideline

NICE constipation in children guideline


A useful summary of NICE's guideline on the diagnosis and management of childhood constipation. Includes 'red flag' findings and summary tables.

eddows IBS bowel pain

NICE guideline

NICE IBS guideline


A summary of NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of IBS in primary care. Includes dietary, lifestyle, pharmacological, and alternative approaches.

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PHE/DH/DWP guideline

PHE infectious diarrhoea guideline


A concise summary of Public Health England guidance on managing suspected infectious diarrhoea. 

Resource hub

  • Simple steps for good bowel health

Educational resources

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Managing iron deficiency anaemia

Commissioned by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited

Information intended for UK healthcare professionals only. These promotional videos have been commissioned and funded by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited and developed in partnership with Guidelines and Guidelines LivePromotional information regarding Norgine Pharmaceutical Limited products will be presented.
View FERACCRU® (ferric maltol) prescribing information and adverse event reporting information here
Date of preparation: May 2022

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Contains promotional content by Reckitt

This concise consultation card was developed by Guidelines for Pharmacy in partnership with Reckitt.
Essential information and adverse reporting details are included.
RB-M-92868 May 2022

RICOCHET study supplement

A national audit of pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT) prescribing in patients with pancreatic cancer: The RICOCHET study

Commissioned by Viatris

This supplement has been commissioned and funded by Viatris and developed in partnership with Guidelines
NON-2021-4065 February 2022

APPROVED 20220112 Viatris PEI supplement_V.3 DIGITAL index image

Improving patient outcomes: supporting pharmacists with the management of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency (PEI)

Commissioned by Viatris

This supplement has been commissioned, funded, and reviewed by Viatris and developed in partnership with Guidelines for Pharmacy
Information intended for UK healthcare professionals only.
NON-2021-6348 January 2022

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Targeting the cause of opioid-induced constipation with PAMORAs

Commissioned by Sandoz Limited

This promotional video has been funded by Sandoz Ltd and developed in conjunction with Guidelines.  The promotional content on this page is intended for UK healthcare professionals only.
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141580 | Date of preparation: September 2021