Complaints policy

WebMD UK is a specialist healthcare multimedia company that promotes best practice in healthcare via the following brands: Guidelines, Guidelines in Practice, Guidelines for Nurses, and Guidelines for Pharmacy. WebMD UK is committed to providing high-quality editorial content and takes complaints seriously. We aim to respond to editorial complaints quickly, courteously, and constructively.

1. What does this policy cover

This policy only applies to complaints about editorial content (both in print and digital) relating to any of the four WebMD UK brands listed above. The complaint must be about something that is within the responsibility of WebMD UK’s editorial department.

The policy does not cover:

  • complaints about advertising (this is handled by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency—view complaints form)
  • complaints about ‘user generated content’ (i.e. material on our apps and websites that was not posted by us or on our behalf and which has not been reviewed or moderated)
  • site- or membership-related issues—you can contact us about these types of issue on our ‘Ask for help’ form
2. How to complain

If you believe we have not met the highest editorial standards, you can file a complaint by filling out the form below (if the form has not appeared, please click here). We take all complaints seriously. All complaints will be dealt with confidentially.  

3. What happens to your complaint

We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 days of receipt, and we aim to issue a full response within 28 days. Please note:

  • we may request further information to investigate the complaint
  • all complaints will be reviewed by the Editor of the brand and/or the Editorial Director
  • if we fail to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you may refer the complaint to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which will consider your complaint, but only once a journal's own complaints procedures have been exhausted.
4. Policy changes

WebMD UK reserves the right to amend this policy as required. We will publish the current policy on our website. Your complaint will be considered against the published policy on the date of receipt of your complaint.