The Guidelines app will be going out of service from November 2022.

Guidelines app mobiles july 2019

The Guidelines app is the convenient way for everyone working in primary care to access guideline summaries on the go. Access content both online and offline; search; create favourites; and add notes so you can keep up to date with the latest clinical guidance wherever you are.

Updated monthly, with concise summaries of major primary and shared care clinical guidelines from the UK, the Guidelines app covers a wide range of clinical areas and contains all the current content from the Guidelines handbook, plus additional summaries.

Access to the app is FREE if you are registered with Guidelines, Guidelines in Practice, Guidelines for Nurses orGuidelines for Pharmacy. Simply enter your existing log-in details on the app. UK registered healthcare professionals can register for free.

Download the Guidelines app today

  • 300 clinical guideline summaries
  • access content offline without an internet connection
  • bookmark your favourite summaries
  • link to relevant guidelines from within notes
  • convenient quick links within summaries
  • free to UK registered healthcare professionals.