GAIN (RQIA) admission to midwife-led units in Northern Ireland


Childbirth is a physiological normal life event which for ‘the vast majority of women is a safe event’. Planning to birth in a midwife-led unit (MLU) is therefore appropriate for most women who have had a straightforward pregnancy. In these times of financial constraint, midwife-led care has been shown to have economic benefits. Indeed, women who plan to birth in a MLU have been shown to experience fewer interventions than those who gave birth in an obstetric unit and their babies are less likely to need admission to a neonatal unit.

This Guidelines for Nurses summary is relevant to healthcare professionals who come into contact with pregnant women at all stages of their antenatal care, up to and including the onset of labour and birth, as well as to their partners/significant others and their families. It is also expected that the guideline will be of value to those involved in the clinical governance of maternity service provision.

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