FSRH emergency contraception guideline

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Following unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI), emergency contraception (EC) is a reliable method of reducing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Some methods of EC may be unsuitable due to patient preference, contraindications, or the time taken for the patient to request EC after UPSI. Although EC is an effective method for occasional emergency use, it is not a substitute for effective regular contraception.

This Guidelines for Nurses and Guidelines for Pharmacy summary covers key recommendations related to the use of emergency contraception (EC). Included are recommendations on:

  • when EC is indicated
  • the responsibilities of EC providers
  • the relative effectiveness of different EC methods
  • relevant drug interactions
  • contraindications for EC use
  • specific considerations for women who breastfeed
  • EC use more than once in a cycle
  • advice regarding future contraception.

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