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Dr Matthew Fay, chair of the Consensus guideline on the holistic management of patients requiring anticoagulation,1 answers key questions about anticoagulant prescribing in general practice.

This 4-minute video covers:

  • how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the management of patients requiring anticoagulation
  • what assessments should be carried out in primary care, and when
  • advice about the dosing of direct oral anticoagulants
  • where to go for further information.

View the Consensus guideline on the holistic management of patients requiring anticoagulation here
Developed with the support of an educational grant from Bayer plc.


  1. Fay M, Antoniou S, Martins J et al. Consensus guideline on the holistic management of patients requiring anticoagulation. Available at:

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Date of preparation: January 2021