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This video has been commissioned and funded by viatris and developed in partnership with Guidelines. Please see the bottom of the page for the full disclaimer.

In this Guidelines video, Su Down looks at the identification of PEI in patients with diabetes:

  • What is pancreatic exocrine insufficiency and what are the typical symptoms?
  • Why might PEI occur in diabetes?
  • Which patients with diabetes are more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms?
  • What questions would you ask to diagnose the cause of gastrointestinal symptoms?


View the Guidelines algorithm: Gastrointestinal disorders in diabetes—could it be pancreatic exocrine insufficiency? here
Developed with the support of an educational grant from Mylan (now Viatris).


This video has been commissioned and funded by Viatris and developed in partnership with Guidelines. Viatris suggested the topic and presenter, and carried out full medical approval on all materials to ensure compliance with regulations. The sponsorship fee included an honorarium for the presenter. The views and opinions of the presenter are not necessarily those of Viatris, or of Guidelines, its publisher, advisers, or advertisers. No part of this video may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the publisher.


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Date of preparation: December 2020