Skin and wound care

skin and wound care

Arm showing atopic eczema

PCDS atopic eczema guideline


An overview of the management of atopic eczema. Covers taking a clinical history, step-by-step treatment, and includes an eczema management plan.

Onychomycosis trychophyton rubrum

BAD onychomycosis guideline


This summary covers diagnosis and active treatment of onychomycosis, including advice for preventing reinfection, and criteria for referral.

An arm showing psoriasis in IPB Green

PCDS psoriasis treatment pathway guideline


An easy-to-follow summary of the PCDS treatment pathway for the assessment and management of psoriasis based on areas affected.

Doctor writing notes by the keyboard_AS

Wounds UK lipoedema guideline


What are the clinical signs of lipoedema? Read this summary to find out. Includes a useful and concise management algorithm.

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