Sexual health

sexual health

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BASHH Mycoplasma genitalium guideline


This summary covers diagnosis, signs and symptoms, complications associated with mycoplasma genitalium, and management.

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PCWHF prolapse guideline


When is a pessary indicated? How do you fit a pessary? This summary also covers the management of complications, and when to refer to gynaecology.

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Sexual and reproductive health with IBD guideline


Inflammatory bowel disease usually presents during the reproductive years. This concise summary covers fertility, pregnancy, and contraceptive use.

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BHIVA standards of care for people living with HIV


This 2018 summary of the BHIVA standards of care includes new sections on testing, person-centred care, and HIV over the course of life.

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BSSM ED practical guide


This summary of British Society for Sexual Medicine guidance provides practical advice on the management of erectile dysfunction in men.

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