Smoking cessation

smoking cessation

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PHE tobacco commissioning support guidance


This concise and useful summary of PHE guidance covers key points for primary care, effective commissioning, and supporting people to stop smoking.

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GOLD COPD 2019 strategy


A clear and concise summary of GOLD’s 2019 strategy on COPD diagnosis, management, and prevention. Includes COPD assessment and treatment algorithms.

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GINA asthma strategy


The 2018 summary of the GINA asthma strategy. Includes algorithms for diagnosis, and the management of asthma exacerbations in primary care.

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NICE smoking cessation guideline


This summary covers recommendations on encouraging smoking cessation, engaging with people who smoke, and training to support stop smoking services.

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SIGN CVD guideline


This summary covers estimation of cardiovascular event risk, lifestyle interventions, and pharmacological therapy.

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