Smoking cessation

smoking cessation

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NICE smoking cessation guideline


This summary covers evidence-based interventions for encouraging smoking cessation, engaging with smokers who may or may not be ready to quit, and relevant training to support stop smoking services.

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SIGN CVD guideline


This summary covers estimation of cardiovascular event risk, lifestyle interventions, and pharmacological therapy.

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NCSCT electronic cigarettes guideline


This brief guideline summary contains information about electronic cigarettes and recommendations for practice - helpful for both GPs and their patients.

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JBS cardiovascular disease prevention guideline


A clear summary of JBS' recommendations on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Includes an algorithm to help with risk assessment and management.

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NICE smoking harm reduction guideline


An easy-to-read summary of NICE's guideline on harm-reduction approaches to smoking including smoking cessation, reduction, and temporary abstinence.