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Sixmo®▼ (buprenorphine) 74.2mg implant SMC2372

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The production of this Guidelines card has been commissioned by Accord Healthcare Limited.
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UK-03735 April 2022

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Management of obesity in primary care: a Guidelines algorithm

Funded by Novo Nordisk Limited

Information intended for UK healthcare professionals only. These videos have been funded through an arm’s-length sponsorship by Novo Nordisk Limited. Guidelines approached Novo Nordisk Limited to fund the production of these videos. 
Date of preparation: December 2021

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Managing obesity in primary care

By Development Group—Tahrani Parretti O’Kane Chowhan Ratcliffe and Le Brocq

This management algorithm was developed by a multidisciplinary expert panel: Tahrani et al with the support of an educational grant from Novo Nordisk Limited. Information intended for UK healthcare professionals.