Scales 1 640x425

BAPEN adult malnutrition guideline


A summary on the identification and management of adult malnutrition in the community. Includes the ‘MUST’ tool and a treatment algorithm.

Doctor & baby 1 256x170

iMAP cow's milk allergy guideline


Concise summary on cow’s milk allergy in infants that covers history taking, diagnosis, and referral. Includes presentation and management algorithms.

Lungs (colour) 1280x852

BAPEN lung cancer nutritional care guideline


A brief summary of BAPEN guidance on the assessment and management of malnutrition in lung cancer patients. It also includes a useful care pathway.

Doctor & child 1 2716x1810

ROS guideline: vitamin D and bone health in children


A clear summary on the management of vitamin D deficiency in children and young people.

Erythrocytes (blue) 1 5000x4000

NICE anaemia in CKD guideline


This easy-to-read NICE guideline summary on the management of anaemia in people with CKD features a treatment algorithm to help with clinical practice.

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