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BAPEN adult malnutrition guideline

2018-08-13T15:02:00+01:00By Multi-professional consensus panel: BAPEN RCGP RCN RPS BDA BPNG NNNG PCSG PCPA and the Pati

A summary on the identification and management of adult malnutrition in the community. Includes the ‘MUST’ tool and a treatment algorithm.

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iMAP cow’s milk allergy guideline


Concise summary on cow’s milk allergy in infants that covers history taking, diagnosis, and referral. Includes presentation and management algorithms.

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BAPEN lung cancer nutritional care guideline


A brief summary of BAPEN guidance on the assessment and management of malnutrition in lung cancer patients. It also includes a useful care pathway.


NICE anaemia in CKD guideline


This summary on the management of anaemia in people with chronic kidney disease features a treatment algorithm to help with clinical practice.

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NICE vitamin D guideline


An up-to-date summary of the recommendations set out in the NICE guideline on increasing vitamin D supplement use among groups at risk of deficiency.

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