Heart in NICE Orange

NICE chronic heart failure guideline


This summary of the NICE heart failure guideline covers management and monitoring treatment. Includes algorithms on diagnosis and therapies.

Man with chest pain

SIGN stable angina guideline


This summary includes management algorithms for patients with suspected angina, and patients with a definite diagnosis of stable angina.

ECG recording [green]

Management of palpitations in primary care guideline

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How do you manage palpitations in primary care? This summary covers assessment and examination, risk stratification, and indications for referral.

Erythrocytes in NICE Orange

NICE FH guideline


Summary of NICE guidance on the identification and management of familial hypercholesterolaemia. Includes diagnostic criteria and screening relatives.

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SIGN CVD guideline


This summary covers estimation of cardiovascular event risk, lifestyle interventions, and pharmacological therapy.

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