SIGN interventions to prevent caries in children


Dental caries (tooth decay) is a preventable disease. Dental biofilm (plaque) is a naturally occurring layer of bacteria and salivary proteins present in the mouth that builds up on exposed tooth surfaces. If not removed, the bacteria metabolise dietary carbohydrates releasing acid into the biofilm layer which, over time, can demineralise the enamel and dentine giving rise to caries. The process is dynamic and can be controlled so that early lesions do not progress, or established lesions can be arrested.

This Guidelines for Pharmacy summary aims to help community pharmacy teams to promote the benefits of good oral health for children.

It provides recommendations based on current evidence for best practice in dental interventions to prevent caries in children and young people aged 0–18 years carried out by dental care teams within dental practices in Scotland. It focuses on advice or interventions that are applied at an individual rather than a population level.


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