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    NICE guideline

    NICE medicines optimisation guideline


    An up-to-date summary of NICE's guideline on safe and effective use of medicines. Includes patient safety incidents, medication review, and self-management.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE diabetes in pregnancy guideline


    An up-to-date summary of NICE guidance on diabetes management in pregnancy. Includes gestational diabetes, preconception, antenatal, and postnatal care.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE IBS guideline


    A summary of NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of IBS in primary care. Includes dietary, lifestyle, pharmacological, and alternative approaches.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE GORD in children guideline


    A useful NICE guideline summary on the recognition, diagnosis and management of GORD in children and young people. Includes 'red flag' symptoms and signs.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE pneumonia guideline


    A concise summary of NICE's guideline on the diagnosis and management of community- and hospital-acquired pneumonia in adults. Includes the CRB65 score.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE antenatal and postnatal mental health guideline


    A concise NICE guideline summary on the management of women with mental health problems during pregancy planning, pregnancy, and the postnatal period.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE vitamin D guideline


    An up-to-date summary of the recommendations set out in the NICE guideline on increasing vitamin D supplement use among groups at risk of deficiency.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE obesity guideline


    A guideline summary on the identification and classification of overweight and obesity in children and adults, with advice on lifestyle and drug management.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE drug allergy guideline


    A summary of NICE's guideline on the assessment, documentation, and management of drug allergy. Also includes counselling and indications for referral

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    NICE guideline

    NICE MS guideline


    A brief NICE guidance summary relevant to primary care about diagnosis of MS, support for patients, and modifiable risk factors for relapse and progression.