The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has updated its competency framework, which describes good prescribing practice across all health professions

Doctor prescribing for older man

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published an update to its competency framework. The updated framework aims to offer advice to a variety of stakeholders, including regulators, professional bodies, education providers, patients, and carers—in addition to prescribing professionals themselves.

First published in 2016, the competency framework is designed to ‘describe the demonstrable knowledge, skills, characteristics, qualities, and behaviours for a safe and effective prescribing role’ that can be applied by any prescriber and adapted in context to reflect different areas of practice and levels of expertise.

Improvements and amends have been made across the framework for the 2021 update, including for clarity, consistency of terminology, and brevity—as well as to ensure that supporting statements remain unique and in scope. It also offers a variety of online support tools and resources to help prescribers make the most of the framework.

Regina Ahmed, RPS lead for the competency framework, said: ‘A common set of competencies should underpin prescribing, regardless of professional background, to enable all prescribers to practise safely and effectively. It applies equally to independent prescribers, community practitioner nurse prescribers and supplementary prescribers.’