An update to the NICE guideline on glaucoma in adults includes new recommendations on treatment and the organisation of care


NICE has published an update to its guideline on how to diagnose and manage glaucoma in people aged 18 years and over. NICE Guideline (NG) 81 provides recommendations on how to test and refer patients who have chronic open angle glaucoma (COAG) and ocular hypertension, as well as on the effective diagnosis and treatment of the conditions. It also includes advice on how to reassess patients to prevent progression.

An evidence review has led to updated recommendations on treatment for the conditions, and organisation of care. There has been no change to the sections of the guideline dealing with information, education, and support needed for adherence to treatment, as NICE indicated that no new evidence has been found.

NG81 was previously updated in 2017, at which point it was extended to include information on referral. 

The guideline covers:

  • case finding
  • diagnosis
  • standard practice for all assessments
  • treatment
  • reassessment
  • organisation of care
  • providing information. 

NICE emphasises that the recommendations for primary eye care professionals on case finding before referral for diagnosis of COAG and related conditions are separate from a sight test.


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