NICE has published Quality Standard (QS) 152 on Liver disease, QS153 on Multimorbidity, and QS154 Violent and aggressive behaviours in people with mental health problemsdescribing standards set to acheive high-quality care in priority areas for improvement. 

NICE QS152 on Liver disease covers identifying, assessing, and managing chronic liver disease in children, young people and adults, and cirrhosis in young people, and adults. It does not cover treatment for liver cancer.

NICE QS153 on Multimorbidity covers clinical assessment, prioritising, and managing healthcare for adults aged 18 years and over with two or more long-term health conditions (multimorbidity). At least one of these conditions must be a physical health condition. It does not cover care for people who have multiple mental health problems and no physical health conditions because their care is largely delivered by psychiatric services.

NICE QS154 on Violent and aggressive behaviours in people with mental health problems covers short-term prevention and management of violent and physically threatening behaviour among adults, children, and young people with a mental health problem. It applies to settings where mental health, healthcare, and social care services are provided. This includes community settings and care received at home. It does not specifically cover violence and aggression among people with a primary diagnosis of learning disability because this group has been covered in the quality standard on Learning disabilities: challenging behaviour.