In response to a cyber attack that affected many NHS trusts throughout Britain, NHS Digital has released Latest guidance for NHS on protecting against cyber attack.

The guidance documentation for NHS organisations impacted by the cyber attack includes:

  • a letter from NHS Digital explaining patches to protect against cyber attacks
  • a technical guide for patching to protect against cyber attack
  • responses to FAQs on the cyber attack on the NHS
  • technical guidance on reconnecting to networks following precautionary disconnection
  • confirmation that it is safe to connect to NHSmail.

As well as providing real-time monitoring and protection of NHS IT systems, NHS Digital are continuing to support NHS organisations by:

  • undertaking cyber security testing and providing bespoke advice
  • offering staff training to ensure they know the simple steps to help to keep their organisation secure.

Healthcare professionals with questions about whether their organisation is affected or what local guidance should be followed are advised to contact their organisation’s IT helpdesk.