This year, the MHRA’s MedSafetyWeek campaign focuses on the importance of reporting suspected adverse reactions to vaccines

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The annual MedSafetyWeek campaign, run by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), takes place from 1–7 November 2021.

This year, the theme is on the importance of reporting adverse reactions to vaccines, and showing support through discussions with patients and colleagues on using the Yellow Card Scheme.

The MHRA is calling on all healthcare professionals, especially those administering vaccines, to report suspected adverse reactions following vaccination. Reporting helps to identify new adverse reactions and gain more information about known effects.

Healthcare professionals can support MedSafetyWeek in a number of ways, including:

  • not delaying reporting of suspected adverse reactions to the Yellow Card Scheme
  • reporting suspected reactions to COVID-19 vaccines and medicines to the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site
  • accurately recording in clinical health records, for each vaccine administered, details such as:
    • product name
    • batch number
    • expiry date
    • dose
    • number of vaccinations
    • site of administration
  • discussing common side effects with patients
  • talking with colleagues about being vigilant for new or rare suspected reactions with vaccines or medicines.


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