NICE has published NICE Guideline (NG) 73 on Endometriosis: diagnosis and management.

Endometriosis can present with symptoms, such as pelvic pain or fatigue, or without symptoms at all. The significance of endometriosis symptoms is not always well understood by healthcare professionals or patients, which can lead to a considerable delay, often between 4 and 10 years between first presentation of symptoms and diagnosis. This delay can allow the illness to progress to a point where it is already significantly affecting the patient’s quality of life, as well as affecting their fertility.

The recommendations made by NG73 aim to improve understanding of the clinical presentation of endometriosis and what action to take on symptoms. Areas covered by the guideline include:

  • organisation of care
  • information and support
  • endometriosis symptoms and signs
  • when to refer
  • diagnosing endometriosis
  • pharmacological management
  • surgical management.

This guideline also updates and replaces the advice in NICE Clinical Guideline 156 on Fertility problems: assessment and treatment that covered the identification and management of endometriosis.