A new study provides information on concomitant administration of COVID-19 and flu vaccines to guide national immunisation strategies

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According to an article published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, concomitant administration of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine and seasonal flu vaccine may be a viable immunisation strategy, as there was no evidence for interference of the COVID-19 vaccine with the cell-based quadrivalent flu vaccine.

The planned exploratory substudy included 431 participants of a larger phase 3 trial on the safety and efficacy of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine (NVX-CoV2373), who were randomly assigned to receive NVX-CoV2373 plus an age-appropriate flu vaccination (n=217) or placebo plus the flu vaccine (n=214). The safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of NVX-CoV2373 were assessed when co-administered with the flu vaccine, and comparisons were made between participants of the main study (who were not vaccinated for flu) and the substudy.

Reactogenicity events were more common in the co-administration group than in the NVX-CoV2373 alone group, and included tenderness or pain at the injection site, fatigue, and muscle pain.

Co-administration did not change the flu vaccine immune response, although a reduction in antibody responses to the NVX-CoV2373 vaccine was noted. NVX-CoV2373 vaccine efficacy in the substudy was 87.5% versus 89.8% in the main study.

More research in older individuals is still needed, the authors concluded.

This article originally appeared on Univadis, part of the Medscape Professional Network.


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