The British Thoracic Society (BTS) has produced a clinical statement on occupational asthma, which is now open to public review


The BTS has produced a draft clinical statement on occupational asthma (OA), which is available for public consultation from 5–17 September 2021.

Over 400 causes of OA have been described. Although individual susceptibility plays a key role, the main risk factor for the development of OA is the level of allergen exposure in the workplace.

The new clinical statement offers recommendations based on expert opinion and accumulated clinical experience on OA, which accounts for 1 in 6 cases of asthma in the UK.

Sections in the statement include:

  • work context
  • diagnosis
  • management
  • prognosis.

The statement also includes a number of guidance tables, as well as figures to aid diagnosis, assessment, management, and referral of patients with possible OA.

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