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Guidelines Live 2019
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Choose from 12 clinical streams across 2 days—and earn up to 12 CPD hours. Learn from experts as they make clinical guidelines relevant to your practice. You will find out the key changes to existing guidance, and understand how new guidance will change your clinical practice.

Day One—Tuesday 19 November 2019

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Main auditorium


Chair: Dr Kevin Gruffydd–Jones 

  • 10.30–11.15 Guidance for managing difficult-to-treat and severe asthma, Dr Mark L Levy
  • 11.15–12.00  [Sponsored by Chiesi] Evolving developments in the management of asthma, Dr Omar Usmani
  • 12.20–13.05  Latest guidance for diagnosing and managing asthma, Dr Kevin Gruffydd–Jones


Chair: Dr Jim Moore

  • 14.10–14.55 NICE guideline for hypertension, Professor Terry McCormack
  • 14.55–15.40 [Sponsored by Bayer] Tailoring antithrombotic protection for your cardiovascular patient, Mr Sotiris Antoniou and Dr Jim Moore
  • 16.00–16.45 Implementing the ABC cardiovascular plan, Dr Jim Moore

Clinical auditorium 1


Chair: Dr Kevin Barrett

  • 10.15–11.00  Update on new guidelines for IBD from NICE and BSG, Dr Kevin Barrett
  • 11.00–11.45 [Sponsored by Kyowa Kirin] Implementing national guidelines to improve patient outcomes—a case study using NICE recommended treatment, Dr Adam Farner
  • 12.05–12.50  UK guidelines for the management of IBS in primary care, Yvonne McKenzie

Shared care

Chair: Shailen Rao

  • 13.50–14.35  Update on the NICE guideline for the recognition and referral of suspected neurological conditions, Dr Nassif Mansour
  • 14.35–15.20 [Sponsored by Norgine] Who are we missing? To raise awareness, recognise the signs and symptoms, improve patient care and share best practice for patients with HE, Dr Richard Aspinall and Dr Rebecca Harris
  • 15.40–16.25  How the BSR DMARD safety guidelines inform the management of co-morbities in primary care, Kalveer Flora and Gupinder Syan

Clinical auditorium 2

Women’s Health

Chair: Dr Toni Hazell

  • 09.45–10.30 Update on the FSRH combined hormonal contraception guideline, Dr Sarah Hardman
  • 10.30–11.15 Menopause: PCWHF guidance on management and prescribing HRT, Dr Julie Oliver
  • 11.35–12.20 NICE guideline on heavy menstrual bleeding, Dr Toni Hazell and Gupinder Syan


Chair: Dr Toni Hazell

  • 13.30–14.15  NICE/PHE antimicrobial stewardship and antimicrobial prescribing for urinary infections, Dr Tessa Lewis
  • 14.15–15.00  Antibiotic resistance and its impact on patients, Arlene Brailey
  • 15.20–16.05  Managing STIs in primary care, Dr Toni Hazell
  • 16.05–16.50  NICE guideline on Lyme disease, Dr Caroline Rayment

Day two—Wednesday 20 November 2019

Main auditorium


Chair: Dr Stephen Kownacki

  • 09.00–09.45 Update on the PCDS acne vulgaris guideline, Dr Naomi Kemp
  • 09.45–10.30 [Sponsored by Leo] Best practice management of plaque psoriasis in primary care, Dr Sangeeta Punjabi
  • 10.50–11.35 Setting up an eczema clinic in line with NICE CKS, Gupinder Syan and Anjna Sharma


Chair: Professor Robert Stockley

  • 13.30–14.15 The updated 2020 GOLD COPD strategy, Professor Robert Stockley
  • 14.15–15.00 [Sponsored by Chiesi] Evolving developments in the management of COPD, Professor Dave Singh
  • 15.20–16.05  NICE COPD guidance for diagnosis, management, and antimicrobial prescribing for acute exacerbations, Dr Nick Hopkinson

Clinical auditorium 1


Chair: Dr Dermot Ryan

  • 09.30–10.15 Guidance for managing common eye conditions, Sarah Thomas
  • 10.15–11.00 [Sponsored by Mylan] Allergic rhinitis guidelines–the need for speed, Dr Dermot Ryan
  • 11.20–12.05 NICE/PHE antimicrobial prescribing for sore throat, cough, otitis media, and sinusitis, Dr Tessa Lewis


Chair: Dr David Unwin

  • 13.00–13.45 How can we best help people with Type 2 diabetes understand the glycaemic consequences of their dietary choices, Dr David Unwin
  • 13.45–14.30 Guidance on type 2 diabetes in older people, Dr Amar Puttanna
  • 14.50–15.35 Latest guidance on pharmacological management of type 2 diabetes, Michelle Lam and Shailen Rao

Clinical auditorium 2


Chair: Dr Anthony Cunliffe

  • 09.45–10.30  Personalising care for people with cancer, Dr Anthony Cunliffe
  • 10.30–11.15  NICE guidance for end of lIfe care, Dr Rachael Marchant
  • 11.35–12.20  The PSA test: can the balance between harm and benefit be shifted? Professor Mike Kirby

Mental Health

Chair: Dr Nadia Llanwarne

  • 13.20–14.05 Management of anxiety and depression in older adults, Dr Nadia Llanwarne
  • 14.05–14.50 Depression in children and young adults, Dr Elizabeth England

*Please note the organisers reserve the right to update the programme up to the day of the event.