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Independent professional body guideline

BASHH STIs in young people guideline

2022-01-04T11:56:00+00:00By British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

Covering assessment, safeguarding, and management of STIs and related conditions in children and young people

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NICE guideline

NICE fever in under 5s guideline


A summary of the 2021 updated NICE guideline on fever in under 5s, with a ‘traffic light’ approach to assessing risk and features of specific diseases


Independent professional body guideline

Self Care Forum fever in children fact sheet


A summary of recommendations for advising patients and the public on managing fever in children


NICE guideline

NICE eczema in under 12s guideline


An easy-to-follow NICE guideline summary on the management of atopic eczema in children under 12

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NICE guideline

NICE CKS on teething


A summary of the NICE CKS on teething in infants, including recommendations on suspecting teething, differential diagnoses, and management

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Independent professional body guideline

ROS guideline: vitamin D and bone health in children


A clear summary on the management of vitamin D deficiency in children and young people.


NICE guideline

NICE CKS—cow’s milk allergy in children


Be aware that the clinical features of cow’s milk allergy are variable in type and severity and can overlap with other common conditions, so clinical judgement is needed when interpreting symptoms.

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NICE guideline

NICE CKS on head lice


This summary has been developed for use by community pharmacists under our Guidelines for Pharmacy title and therefore only covers the information relevant to this setting. Areas covered include: treatment and management, advantages and disadvantages of treatment options, information and advice for those with the condition. Please refer to the full guideline for the complete set of recommendations.


NICE guideline

NICE GORD in children guideline


A useful NICE guideline summary on the recognition, diagnosis, and management of GORD in children and young people.

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  • Group B streptococcus guide

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Use of unlicensed medicines in paediatric patients guideline

By Working Party—Tomlin Cockerill Costello Griffith Hicks Sutcliffe Tuleu Wong Wright

This guideline was developed by a multidisciplinary expert panel: Tomlin  S  et  al with the support of a grant from Rosemont Pharmaceuticals  Ltd.