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NICE guideline

NICE headache guideline


This easy-to-read summary of NICE's guideline explores the diagnosis and management of tension, migraine, cluster, and medication overuse headaches

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NICE guideline

NICE cannabis medicines guideline


Covering prescribing of cannabis-based medicines for people with intractable nausea and vomiting, chronic pain, spasticity, and severe treatment-resistant epilepsy


Independent professional body guideline

Self Care Forum headache and migraine fact sheet


A summary of recommendations for advising patients and the public on managing headache and migraine

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SIGN guideline

SIGN migraine guideline


This Guidelines summary covers the pharmacological options for migraines, medication overuse headache, preventative treatment, and a treatment pathway

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NICE guideline

NICE Parkinson’s guideline


Summary on the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, managing and monitoring impulse control, with advice on the pharmacological management of motor symptoms

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