Difficulties in accessing cystic fibrosis medications


A survey of healthcare professionals and patients with cystic fibrosis reveals problems in prescribing and accessing medications

COVID virus visualisation two tone

Sociodemographic disparities in COVID-19 case rates during second and third waves


In a new report from the Office for National Statistics, disparities in the age-standardised case rates for COVID-19 in England are analysed by sociodemographic characteristics

Close up the pouring purified fresh drink water from the bottle on table in living room_AS 648 width

Adding fluoride to water backed by UK chief medical officers


Fluoride is set to be added to drinking water across the UK to reduce tooth decay


World Pharmacists Day 2021


This year, World Pharmacists Day focuses on the importance of public trust in pharmacy


Groundbreaking EEG test could diagnose Alzheimer’s disease 5 years earlier


The Fastball test could allow diagnosis of—and treatments for—the condition to be initiated before significant clinical signs emerge