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Independent professional body guideline

ROS guideline: vitamin D and bone health in children


A clear summary on the management of vitamin D deficiency in children and young people.

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Independent professional body guideline

Early identification and referral of liver disease in infants


This Guidelines summary is based on guidance included within the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation Yellow Alert Pack, written to provide general guidelines on the early identification of liver disease in infants and their referral where appropriate. 


NICE guideline

NICE CKS—cow’s milk allergy in children


Be aware that the clinical features of cow’s milk allergy are variable in type and severity and can overlap with other common conditions, so clinical judgement is needed when interpreting symptoms.

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NICE guideline

NICE ADHD guideline


The updated summary covers key points on identification and treatment of ADHD, management, supporting families and carers, and appropriate medication.

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NICE guideline

NICE bronchiolitis guideline


A brief summary of the NICE guideline on bronchiolitis in children including advice on when to refer, and 'red flags' for parents to watch out for at home.

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NICE guideline

NICE fever in under 5s guideline


A summary of the 2019 updated NICE guideline on fever in under 5s with a ‘traffic light’ approach to assessing risk, and features of specific diseases

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SIGN guideline

SIGN FASD guideline


Failure to recognise prenatal alcohol exposure as a possible cause of behavioural difficulties may contribute to adverse outcomes for the child.

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PHE/DH/DWP guideline

PHE scarlet fever guideline


A concise summary of the PHE guideline on the management of scarlet fever and its complications, and the recommended actions to effectively treat them

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PHE/DH/DWP guideline

PHE whooping cough guideline


Summary of PHE guidance on the management of whooping cough covers testing and includes an algorithm on the management of patients with the condition.


PHE/DH/DWP guideline

Let’s talk about weight in children guideline


This summary relates to families of 4–12-year-old children and young people, covering how to discuss weight, and support positive lifestyle changes.

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  • Group B streptococcus guide

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Working party guideline/algorithm

Use of unlicensed medicines in paediatric patients guideline

By Working Party—Tomlin Cockerill Costello Griffith Hicks Sutcliffe Tuleu Wong Wright

A clear and concise summary of guidance for the safe prescribing of unlicensed medicines in paediatric patients. Includes legal guidance for prescribers.