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Independent professional body guideline

Early identification and referral of liver disease in infants


This Guidelines summary is based on guidance included within the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation Yellow Alert Pack, written to provide general guidelines on the early identification of liver disease in infants and their referral where appropriate. 

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Independent professional body guideline

CLDF guideline: Yellow Alert stool chart


A summary of the CLDF's Yellow Alert stool chart—for tracking the colour of newborn babies' stools and being alert to warning signs of prolonged jaundice.

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NICE guideline

NICE non-alcoholic fatty liver disease guideline


A summary of NICE guidance on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Includes identification, lifestyle advice, and pharmacological treatment.

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Feature article

Nurses play a crucial role in reducing the burden of liver disease

2016-07-23T00:00:00+01:00By Michelle Clayton

Michelle Clayton examines the current and future impact of liver disease and its causes, and highlights the role of nurses in educating and supporting patients to prevent the disease developing.


NICE guideline

NICE cirrhosis guideline


A useful and concise summary on the assessment and management of cirrhosis. Recommendations cover diagnosis, monitoring, and managing complications.

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NICE guideline

NICE hepatitis B and C testing guideline


This summarises NICE's guideline developed to ensure that more people at increased risk of hepatitis B and C infection are tested.

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NICE guideline

NICE alcohol-use disorders guideline


A concise summary of the NICE guideline on diagnosis, assessment, and management of alcohol-use disorders in adults, young people, and children.