Key COVID-19 guidance for primary care


The Guidelines team has produced the following directory of COVID-19 information and guidance for primary care. Included on this page is a collection of key guidance and advice from PHE and the NHS, as well as a list of information for specific groups from a range of professional bodies.

Latest summaries

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Management of polycystic ovary syndrome


This international evidence-based guideline summary on the assessment and management of polycystic ovary syndrome voers screening, diagnostic assessment, pharmacological treatment, and lifestyle

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NICE anaphylaxis guideline


A summary of NICE guidance on assessment to confirm an anaphylactic episode, and a decision-making care pathway for referral after emergency treatment


PHE COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidance


Summary of the latest UK guidance on infection prevention and control measures for COVID-19.

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PHE influenza immunisation 2020/21 guideline


This Guidelines summary covers key information on expansion of the 2020-21 flu immunisation programme.