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    Tools and resources

    Dry eye syndrome


    This factsheet provides information for patients who are concerned about or have been affected by dry-eye syndrome.

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    Tools and resources

    Driving and glaucoma


    This factsheet provides information for car or motorcycle licence holders who have been diagnosed with glaucoma. The minimum visual standards for driving depend on the type of licence in question.

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    NICE guideline

    NICE glaucoma guideline


    A short and concise summary that covers recommendations on investigations, assessment, and diagnosis of COAG and OHT

  • News

    NICE updates guidance on glaucoma


    NICE has updated NICE Guideline 81 on Glaucoma: diagnosis and management and Quality Standard 7 on Glaucoma in adults.

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    SIGN guideline

    SIGN glaucoma guideline


    This up-to-date summary of SIGN guidance advises on primary care assessment of suspected glaucoma, criteria for referral, and discharge and monitoring.