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This section includes resources developed by Guidelines, including algorithms, medicines appraisal cards, supplements, and videos. Items may contain pharmaceutical promotional information.

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doctor with elderly man

Consensus guideline on the holistic management of patients requiring anticoagulation

By Working party–Fay Antoniou Martins Merriman Patrickson Uprichard

Doctor talking to patient in office_AS

Guideline for the managed introduction of biosimilar basal insulin

By Working party—Down Beba Brown Diggle Goel Milne

Nurse giving patient water use glass syringe to irrigate nasogastric tube in hospital

Medication management of patients with enteral feeding tubes

By Working party—Wright Griffith Merriman Smithard Smyth Welsh

Female doctor with lady patient_AS206x137

Uncomplicated recurrent UTI guideline

By Working party—Rees Brocksom Harding Jacobson Rollinson

Image of first page of NICE TA card

NICE Technology Appraisal 607: Rivaroxaban for preventing atherothrombotic events in people with coronary or peripheral artery disease

Commissioned by Bayer plc

The production of this Guidelines card has been commissioned by Bayer plc. Bayer plc has reviewed the card for technical accuracy and regulatory compliance and supplied the prescribing information.