NSTEACS: aiming to improve patient outcomes and experiences

The NICE Implementation Collaborative (NIC) clinical and commissioning and service provision consensus documents on NSTEACS have been developed by the NHS and are for use by the NHS. It is hoped that these documents will support clinicians and commissioners involved in the provision of care for patients with NSTEACS, and stimulate changes to reduce variation and improve outcomes.

The NIC would like to express its thanks to AstraZeneca (AZ) for sponsorship of this project. The bi-partisan support provided by AZ to initiate and oversee the project has been central to the project’s aim of improving NSTEACS patient outcomes (please refer to the individual documents for the full disclaimers).

Commissioning and service provision consensus 

The commissioning and service provision consensus document on NSTEACS:

  • highlights that many patients with non-ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction do not receive guideline-recommended interventions
  • outlines the rationale for commissioners to take action
  • includes case studies from Middlesbrough, Sheffield, and Wessex, where changes to care have led to a better patient experience and improved efficiencies
  • includes factors to consider when planning a change and where to go for support and resources.

Case studies

Reducing variation in care: NIC projects