Guidelines algorithm 

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The algorithm includes text on why self-monitoring for warfarin therapy may be beneficial, criteria for identifying patients who are suitable for self-monitoring therapy, when to review patients, and information on patient education.

The development of this management algorithm has been funded by an educational grant from Roche Diagnostics Ltd. Roche Diagnostics Ltd reviewed the scope and background reading list, and suggested the participants of the algorithm development group. Roche Diagnostics Ltd had the opportunity to comment on the medical content and accuracy of this management algorithm, however, final editorial control has remained with the contributors and  Guidelines. The views and opinions of the contributors expressed in this document are not necessarily those of Roche Diagnostics Ltd, or of Guidelines, its publisher, advisers, or advertisers.

Guidelines in Practice checklist

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The checklist reproduces the quality statements from NICE Quality Standard 93 on atrial fibrillation and summarises key recommendations from NICE Clinical Guideline 180 and NICE Diagnostics Guidance 14.

Guidelines in Practice approached Roche Diagnostics Ltd to fund the printing costs for this summary sheet. Roche Diagnostics Ltd was not involved in the development of this sheet although it was allowed to review it for technical accuracy. At all times editorial control has remained with  Guidelines in Practice.

Guidelines eLearning module

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The eLearning module will be useful to all primary healthcare professionals who encounter adult patients with atrial fibrillation who are or may be at risk of stroke, and who might benefit from introduction of self-monitoring of their anticoagulation status. 

This eLearning module has been funded by Roche Diagnostics Ltd and developed in partnership with Roche Diagnostics Ltd suggested the author for the module and reviewed the module to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.

Guidelines in Practice webinar 

atrial fibrillation webinar

The webinar will help healthcare professionals:

  • gain an understanding of NICE QS93 and Diagnostic Guidance 14
  • achieve a perspective on how the guidance should be implemented and incorporated into treatment plans   
  • learn how to perform, analyse, and assess factors involved in anticoagulation control, and become informed on the use of a coagulometer
  • understand the implications for patients.

This webinar has been commissioned by Roche Diagnostics Ltd and organised in partnership with Guidelines in Practice. Roche Diagnostics Ltd has reviewed the scope of the workshop, worked with MGP Ltd to choose and commission speakers, and approved all materials related to the webinar. MGP Ltd has paid the honoraria to the speakers on behalf of Roche Diagnostics Ltd. The views and opinions of the speakers are not necessarily those of Roche Diagnostics Ltd or of MGP Ltd, Guidelines in Practice, its publisher, advisers, or advertisers.

Diagnostic Guidance supplement 

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Guidelines  summaries

Guidelines in Practice articles

  • Novel anticoagulants bring stroke prevention therapy to more people
    Authored by: 
    • Dr Stavros Apostolakis, University of Birmingham Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences and SWBH NHS Trust, Birmingham and Professor Paulus Kirchhof, University of Birmingham Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences and SWBH NHS Trust, Birmingham; Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Münster, AFNET e.V., Münster Germany
    Published online: January 2014

NICE quality standard

  • Atrial fibrillation
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