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About Guidelines

Guidelines provides concise clinical guideline summaries of major primary and shared care guidelines in the UK. Additionally, European guidelines from some of the major independent professional bodies are also summarised and included.

Summaries of guidelines from NICE, the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN), independent professional bodies, and expert-led working party groups are developed for use in clinical practice. Summaries often include treatment/management algorithms with helpful diagnostic questions, thereby presenting management information in a succinct visual format. Summaries are colour-coded as follows:

guidelines key table

The Guidelines team works closely with many organisations to ensure that all summaries are developed and reproduced with permission from the original guideline development group. Summaries of NICE guidelines are developed using the exact wording from the source document—this is done with permission from NICE. We suggest that when reading any summaries of NICE guidelines you also refer to any relevant NICE Technology Appraisal guidance: see www.nice.org.uk

You can access Guidelines summaries wherever and whenever you need; whether it is to keep up-to-date with guidance, or to use during a patient consultation or home visit. Content is available via all media channels with the most recent and most popular summaries published in the handbook, and the full list of summaries available:

  • online at www.guidelines.co.uk (where you can also track your guidance-related CPD)
  • via the Guidelines app, which is updated monthly and does not require an internet connection once downloaded.

All Guidelines summaries are reviewed and signed-off as current by the original guideline development group at least once each year.

Why register

Registration is free (for all UK-based healthcare professionals) and you will gain full access to content online and on the app, including the features below:

  • Read clinical guideline summaries for primary and shared care online and on the go
  • Access our sister site www.GuidelinesinPractice.co.uk
  • Access Guidelines Learning, where you can test your knowledge on a range of clinical topics and collect CPD credits
  • View upcoming guidance on the guidance tracker
  • Receive our regular bulletin containing all the latest guidance information
  • Download educational resources.

Once you have registered with Guidelines you will you will be able to update your areas of interest and responsibilities, and email communication preferences, which will ensure we bring you the most relevant content.

Updating your email preferences 

If at any point you would like to review or amend the emails that you are subscribed to receive, login and visit the ‘My Newsletters’ page.

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All our email alerts aim to keep you up to date with the latest clinical guidelines, guideline implementation, CPD, learning, and events.

Guidelines Learning

Guidelines Learning—our integrated platform where you can find all of our ‘Test and reflect’ multiple choice question (MCQ) modules. 

Categorised by clinical area, the modules are easy to find, and the platform allows you to pause and resume in‑progress modules. On completion of the module, you will be able to access a CPD certificate and all your activity is saved in your individual CPD tracker. 

If you are already registered to one of our websites, you automatically have access to Guidelines Learning when you log in*—simply click on Guidelines Learning in the navigation bar or on the Guidelines Learning logo.

* If this is your first visit to the new site as a previously registered user, please note that you will need to reset your password

Guidelines app

The Guidelines app is free to download and all of the content is easily accessible using your Guidelines.co.uk account details. The app contains all the content from the Guidelines handbook plus additional summaries from Guidelines.co.uk.

To gain access to all of the content, simply enter your email address and Guidelines password within the login section.

Forgotten your password? Click here

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If you are not a UK-based healthcare professional the following subscription options are available:

  • 12-month auto-renewing subscription £49.99
  • 12-month subscription £49.99
  • 6-month subscription £26.99
  • current edition without additional updates £10.49
  • 1-month auto-renewing subscription £5.99

Key features of the Guidelines app include:

  • respected updated content
  • quick access to summaries in just three taps
  • iPhone and android phone- and tablet-compatible
  • fully searchable
  • notifications when new summaries are published–all within the app
  • bookmark feature to keep track of most used/favourite summaries
  • notes feature to annotate relevant summaries.

Getting your guideline published

Guidelines contains summaries of national and European guidelines. Guidelines published by NICE and SIGN are included, as are guidelines produced by independent professional bodies.

However, because a number of clinical areas are not covered by current national guidance, working party guidelines are also considered for inclusion in Guidelines. Working party guidelines are required to meet the following criteria:

  • they must be drawn up by a multidisciplinary group including at least one GP
  • the members of the group should be drawn from several geographical locations
  • the content of the guideline must be independent of, and not influenced by, commercial sponsorship of the working party
  • a guideline should represent a clinical area rather than a drug or class of drugs.

If you have produced, or are aware of, any guidelines not currently published by Guidelines, please contact the editorial team.

Contact us by:

Email: contact@guidelines.co.uk


Julia Van Danzig 
MGP House
East Street

Guidelines team

Julia Van Danzig : Editorial Director

Email: julia.vandanzig@mgp.co.uk

Mona Munonyara: Assistant Editor

Advertising and sponsorship

Advertising with Guidelines will ensure your brand message reaches an engaged audience of GPs and healthcare professionals. Independent research through the National Medical Readership Survey of GPs (NMRS April 2017–March 2018) indicated that Guidelines is referred to over 560,000 times per print edition. By advertising in print and online, Guidelines delivers a total GP audience reach of 62%.

If you would like to interact with our audience, we also offer a range of commissioned educational services, including events, webinars, and eLearning modules.

To discuss our advertising solutions or our range of commissioned projects, please contact our Sales Director, Matthew Eisenstadt by:
Phone: 01442 299223
Mobile: 07815 078360
Email: matthew.eisenstadt@mgp.co.uk

If you are interested in contributing to Guidelines and sharing your healthcare experience with us, please contact our Editorial Director, Julia Van Danzig, at julia.vandanzig@mgp.co.uk

Personal information request

If you would like to make a request for the personal information we currently hold on you, please email dataprotection@mgp.co.uk